Our product range

Arômes & Co offers 5 families of products for the agri-food industries and distributors in HCC (Hotel Chains and Catering).


selection of flavors in liquid, powder or paste form

  • Natural.
  • Natural identical.

Aromatic preparations

Flavoring preparations to raise and give a unique flavor and signature to all your sweet and savory recipes and mixes.

  • Salty flavors
  • Thermised spices and herbs
  • Dry Marinades
  • Sweet Flavors
  • Nappage
  • Topping
  • Stuffing


Emulsions provide the beverages with an authentic flavor, an attractive color and a targeted turbidity.
We provide tailor-made emulsions specifically developed for your beverage

  • Aromatic Emulsions
  • Coloring and natural emulsions
  • Texturizing emulsions


High performance products for an optimal result in terms of texture, stabilization

  • Improvers.
  • Antioxydants.
  • Thickeners.


We have a comprehensive range of high quality colorants with a visual aspect that will know how to conquer you.

Our “Natural” line guarantees certified stability, organic color of natural pigments and a very interesting price quality ratio for agro-industrials.


Arômes & Co proposes more than 100 caramel references for applications dedicated to each type of caramel, with a very large color range, from light yellow and sweet caramel to brown caramel with intense and strong taste.

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