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Sea Cocktail


Sour Cream

Béchamel sauce

Sauce Sour Cream (chawarma)

Mushroom sauce

Carbonara Sauce

Bolognaise sauce

Burger Sauce

sauce Chasseur

Indian Curry Sauce

Ranger Sauce

Hollandaise sauce

Tomato Sauce Provencal

Three Pepper Sauce

Barbecue sauce

Smoked Barbecue Sauce

Honey BBQ Sauce

Ketchup Sauce

Wasabi Sauce

Thai Sauce

Burgundy sauce

Zingara Sauce

Sauce Peanuts

Guacamole Sauce



Goat cheese

Red cheese

Vinaigrette with Balsamic and Pistachios

Vinaigrette with Pesto

Vinaigrette with fresh cream

Grilled sesame dressing

Vinaigrette with avocado and olive oil

Vinaigrette with lemon and herbs

Vinaigrette with basil, olive oil and mustard

Vinaigrette with pine nuts, garlic, basil

Vinaigrette with honey and mustard

Pesto Mayonnaise

White cheese and chives

Mayonnaise Aïoli

Tartare Mayonnaise

Bearnaise sauce Mayonnaise

Soybean Ginger Mayonnaise

Caesar Sauce Mayonnaise

Seafood Mayonnaise

Tortilla Mayonnaise

Patatas Bravas Sauce Mayonnaise

Curry yogurt sauce

Mix of spices marinade

Smoked paprika and cumin marinade

Mechoui Chicken Marinade

Pesto Marinade

Marinade romarin

Herbs of Provence marinade

Marinade Piri Piri

Mexican Marinade

Indian marinade

Dried tomato marinade

Chili Mango Marinade

Kebab Marinade

Charmoula Marinade

Garlic and Herbs Marinade

PepperMustard Marinade

Mediterranean Curry Marinade

Roast Chicken Marinade

Provence Marinade

Shallot Marinade

Tex Mex Marinade

Tex Mex Marinade

Barbecue Marinade (BBQ)

Andalusian Marinade

Thyme Rosemary Marinade

Arizona Marinade

Doner Kebab Marinade

Olive oil and Thyme Marinade

Yoghurt Mustard and MapleMarinade

Lemon Ginger and Chilli Marinade

Lemon Parsley, red pepper Marinade

Lemon Thyme Marinade

Ginger Soybean Honey Marinade

Ginger Orange Marinade

Saffron and coconut milk Marinade

Thai marinade, coriander and coconut milk

Cream Chive Marinade

Marinade with lemon butter and dill

Sesame Teriyaki Marinade

Honey Lime Marinade

Moroccan Chermoula: Chicken, Fish, Liver

Velouté with 7 vegetables

Potato Cream Soup with Spices

Velouté with Pesto

Vegetable sweetness & cheese tip

Leeks & Potatoes

Creamy pumpkin carrots

Tomatoes, Mascarpone & Basil

Onion & shallot

Mushroom Cream

Pistou soup


Chinese Soup

Sweet potato cream

Moroccan Harira

Langoustine broth with lemongrass

Veal bouillon with African flavors

Vegetable broth

Special Moroccan couscous vegetable broth

Seafood broth

Lamb broth

Tzatziki Yoghurt Sauce

Curry Yoghurt Sauce

Yoghurt Sauce and white cheese

White sauce with Yoghurt and Rosemary

Yoghurt Sauce and lemon butter

Spicy Yoghurt Sauce

Yoghurt Sauce with Asparagus, Avocado, Mustard

Yoghurt Sauce with two types of mustard

Yoghurt Sauce with shallot and mushrooms

Grilled Salted Peanuts

Caramelized peanuts

Pistachio peppers

Caramelized popcorn

Colored caramelized popcorn

Grilled almonds with cheese

Sour Cream Grilled Almonds

Spicy Chick Peas




Tex Mex


Dried tomatoes

Mustard and herbs

Roasted peppers

Cheese & Onion

Chile & Lemon


Buffalo Meat



Roasted Poultry

Paprika (sweet / strong)


Cream & Fine Herbs

Salt & Vinegar


Chicken with Olives



Swiss cheese

Gouda nature

Gouda with Cumin

Parmesan cheese



Spicy cheese

Gouda with pepper and parsley

Smoked cheese

Mortadella nature

Mortadelle with small vegetables

Ham halal

Mortadelle with fine herbs

Mortadelle with olives

Mortadella with cheese

Mortadella with spice


Spicy sausage

Sausage nature

Smoked sausage with garlic

Salami sausage

Chicken Rillettes with spices

Duck liver Pâté

Banana biscuit

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