“Customized” Flavors

We guarantee natural taste.

Whatever the field of application (dairy, confectionery, biscuits, pastry, beverages, ice creams, pharmacy) we offer you an ever broader and more varied range of flavors designed to satisfy your most precise needs.

We define together with you, your aroma, according to your specifications and your specific needs. Thus, each aroma is designed “to measure” to meet your taste, use, and legislation criteria according to the best quality-price ratio.

Our flavors are adapted to the specific nature of your products (yogurts, biscuits, hard candies, chewing paste, pastries, drinks, ice cream, stuffing …) and technical constraints specific to the different types of production: cold, hot or cooking (heat-resistant flavors at more than 300° C).

Our formulation expertise allows us to create totally new flavors, reproduce an already existing flavor, modify it, or adapt it to a different application.

We guarantee the naturalness of taste thanks to rigorous selection of our aromatic materials and substances.

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