Pilot laboratory

Arômes & Co  is THE research laboratory and outsourced development, to serve its customers

Due to its dual competence as a flavoring and industrial agent, AROMES & CO is positioned as an external research and development laboratory serving its customers.

Attentive to the latest consumer trends and global innovations, our aromaticians develop aromas and products that respect the authenticity of tastes, culinary values and balance of the senses. With the active participation of all our services and partners, we know how to be proactive in creativity and innovation to be offered regularly to our customers.

Arômes & Co has set up an R & D unit at the disposal of its customers to outsource laboratory tests or even small scale industrial trials in order to enhance the process of searching for bouquet, taste and textures, for all types of applications (dairy, confectionery, pastry, beverages, ice cream) but also in the Savory segment (Sauces, marinades, sausages)

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